Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Eyewear Decided and Obtained 

The Girl and I went to Lenscrafters Friday night so I could try on many, many pairs of frames. Going in, I had in mind either a pair of rimless rectangles or some black plastic geeky frames.

The rimless were immediately removed from my sphere of consideration once the optician got a glimpse of my prescription. I'm very, very nearsighted, and the rimless just don't work with the thick lens that's required. He strongly recommended full frames, preferably plastic. Geek it is.

But I also have a fairly small head. It's proportional, but I'm a small person. Most of the rectangular geeky glasses I tried on were too wide for my face, plus the lens gets thicker the wider the frame, so smaller really is better.

After trying on frame after frame, with endless comparisons ("This one, or this one? Okay, this one or this one?"), we came up with a pair something like these. I haven't been able to find the exact pair online, and don't yet have a digitial camera (I know, I know). The really cool thing is they have a little light blue line on the face side of the frame, which gives them a lighter, funkier tone. Sort of stylized geek. Everyone's happy. I got the geeky retro look, no longer appear to be a certain student at Hogwarts, and The Girl gets to look at someone more fashion plate than lab partner.

Posted by Beth Henderson at 11:01 AM