Thursday, February 17, 2005

Eyewear Fashion? 

Given that my current glasses are 7 years old and make me look like Harry Potter, I've decided to get a new pair. So armed with my less-than-1-year-old prescription and a 50% off frame & lenses coupon for Lenscrafters, The Girl and I are headed to the mall tomorrow to pick out some hip and stylish frames.

I realized the extent to which I no longer like my glasses when I recently got down to the last pair of my one-day disposable contacts, and rather than wear my glasses during the day I simply kept reusing that one pair over and over (the new contacts should be arriving today). Given the number of hours I spend reading the fine print of casebooks and online opinions, it really would be nice to have a pair of specs to slip into even in public places like the law library.

Yesterday I had lunch with Not a Freak and her wife (they took part in the May rush last year) (I think she'll be known hereafter as Not a Geek), and afterwards we went to the For Eyes store in the same plaza, as Not a Freak had broken off one of the nose pads from her glasses and wanted to get them fixed. While NAF was with the optician, NAG and I were trying on frames. I was torn between the black plastic geek frames and the minimalist nearly-frameless frames.

After I had tried on many, many pairs NAG and I concluded that this one small geek pair was very good, but this one minimalist pair was the winner. NAF agreed.

But then in the car on the way back to work, I was talking about watching Star Trek: The Original Series while I exercise, and NAG interrupted and said, "I'm sorry, I've changed my mind. You'll have to go back to the geeky glasses."

Posted by Beth Henderson at 9:43 AM