Friday, February 25, 2005

Friday Random Ten 

Being once more rather pressed at work, and not wanting to post up my Oscar picks until Sunday morning (maybe Saturday - we'll see), I'm instead hopping on feministe's Friday tradition of setting the MP3 player to random and listing the first ten songs it plays. I have a Nomad Jukebox2 which is a few years old, and I haven't upgraded the firmware in quite a while, so I have no easy way to random play from every track. Instead I just random played from the ton of stuff I already happened to have loaded into Now Playing. And here are the first ten. Hmm, seems I've been on a bit of a soundtrack kick:

  1. Tuesday Morning - Melissa Etheridge (Lucky)
  2. Spectres in the Fog - Hans Zimmer (The Last Samurai)
  3. Take Your Time - Lori Carson (Simply Irresistable)
  4. Over the Rainbow - Jane Monheit (Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow)
  5. All I Ask of You (Reprise) - Christine & Raoul (Phantom of the Opera film soundtrack)
  6. We Close Our Eyes - Susanna Hoffs (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
  7. Just One of Those Things - Diana Krall (De-Lovely)
  8. That Old Black Magic - Jessica (Simply Irresistable)
  9. Rhythm of the Night - Valeria (Moulin Rouge)
  10. The Phantom of the Opera - Phantom & Christine (Phantom of the Opera film soundtrack)
There you have it. Perhaps I'll check for firmware updates this weekend and I'll be able to play with more randomness next week.

Posted by Beth Henderson at 1:44 PM