Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Joan of Arcadia - Independence Day 

I'm referring to this as the Gullibility Episode.

The main Joan story is that she and Adam want to go to a garage band festival, which will involve sleeping one night in Adam's dad's camper-equipped pickup truck. Will, Helen and Adam's dad all say no way. Joan and Adam get angsty, but acquiesce.

The main police station of the blue tones story involves two adult brothers feuding over the key to their dead mother's safety deposit box. Will and his hungry partner respond to a disturbing the peace call, and find the brothers beating the crap out of each other. Will tells them to stop it, and the brothers say they're okay and will play nice with each other.

What parent and what cop would just accept and walk away at that point? The vigilance would be up! The keen eye for spotting a scam would be on high alert!

In Will's story, he gets called back to the House of Disputation in a short while, and finds one brother dead on the floor, safe deposit key in hand and bloody trophy lying near his very bloody head. The other brother claims he didn't mean to do it. But he did. In the ultimate One Tin Soldier moral, down at the station Will gives The Lone Survivor the safe deposit box, which contained childhood photos of the brothers.

In the teenage choices story, Joan tells Helen that she's going over to Grace's for the night. Yes, the very night of said forbidden concert. Helen, who can usually spot something amiss from 100 yards and a differently tied scarf, tells her to have fun and sends her on her way. Adam meanwhile has told his dad that he's working at the hotel all night, and needs the truck to move some equipment. What a coincidence!!! Off they go to the concert.

In the next phase of the teenage choices storyline, Adam wants to, but Joan isn't sure. She's pretty sure she doesn't want their first time to be in the back of a pickup truck, camper attachment or not. Adam, whose facial features are becoming more manly, demonstrates a little testosterone fueled pouting skills, and rolls over in a huff. Upon returning home, Joan cracks under the stress of the situation and 'fesses up to Helen, who is glad she made the choice she did regarding Adam, but who is also completely grounding Joan for the defiance choice that put her in the situation. But it was a nice scene. They bonded, talked through the issues, and didn't yell or accuse. They probably ate some Valentine's cupcakes when they were done.

In really uninteresting news, the new group attachment, Stevie, is completely smitten with Friedman. Her overtures are completely without success, much to Luke's shock and dismay. Friedman finally tells Stevie that it's basically a survival response, because they have nothing in common, she's all hot and cool (in the good ways, not the infuriating mixed signals way), etc. She plants one on his nerdy lips and he comes around to her point of view.

Next week: There's something about Stevie...

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