Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Lilly's French Bakery and Cafe 

There was a 4-alarm fire a few blocks from my office last night, which destroyed 7 small businesses. One of the losses was Lilly's French Bakery and Cafe, my absolutely favorite place for treats and sandwiches. I often met a friend from school there for breakfast of croissants and Earl Grey, and loved their sandwiches at lunchtime. Even when I was avoiding treats, I could just walk by at lunchtime and inhale the wondrous aromas wafting through the doors and windows, and feel treated nonetheless.

Just yesterday I was telling a coworker that he should try their chicken salad sandwiches, as he had been saying how much he loves chicken salad but can never make it just right himself. Last week The Guyfriend and I were in there (I was picking up just such a chicken salad sandwich, on french bread, with lettuce, tomato, onion, mayo and roasted red pepper -mm), and we both noticed the great cake topper they had on display atop a wedding cake. Rather than the usual standing still, side-by-side couple, they instead appeared to be in mid waltz, with her gown twirling around in a spin. We both said it was so ... kinetic.

As was Lilly's. Always lively, full of old and new friends, and that delicious combination of chocolate, fruits, breads, cakes and conversation. Here's hoping the Sidiropoulos family is able to rebuild or relocate. We'll all follow.

Posted by Beth Henderson at 9:00 AM