Thursday, February 10, 2005

Lost - Homecoming 

After the last episode, I wrote that Claire looked thinner when she stumbled back into the show, and speculated that Ethan was now in possession of the evil-without-Claire's-influence baby. I was wrong. Not only is she still pregnant, but she's two weeks closer to her due date. She is missing something, however - her memory of anything since being on the plane. The crash, her two weeks with the survivors, her friendship with Charlie, her two weeks with the psychotic but incredibly strong jungle man - nothing.

Crazy Ethan shows up and tells Charlie to return Claire, or Ethan will start killing off survivors - one for each sundown that goes by without Claire in his possession. And he'll save Charlie for last, as a reminder that he could have saved them all. Except Claire, of course. While delivering his ultimatum in no uncertain terms, he is also giving Charlie a friendly reminder of his brief foray as a windchime, by holding him off the ground by the throat. With one hand. Damn, this guy's strong! And really, really crazy.

Charlie blames himself for not taking better care of Claire in the first place, and this triggers this week's flashback storyline. We all know that Charlie's a heroine addict, and this episode we get a closer look at his experience with using people to get cash for his habit. We also see that he fell for one of his marks and tried to return to the clean life (including taking a job as a copier salesman for her father), but failed miserably. After his jig was up, she tearfully asked why he even took the job, and he replied that he wanted to be respectable, and for her to think he could take care of her. She replied, just before slamming the door on that idea, that he will "NEVER BE ABLE TO TAKE CARE OF ANYONE!" Slam.

In a slight bit of misdirection, the return from commercial break at 21 minutes opened with a closeup on someone sharpening a knife. I steeled myself for some more deep and meaningful yet rather cryptic words from Locke (most likely to Boone, Locke's devoted apostle). But the camera pulled back to reveal Jack. Psych! Then Kate walks onscreen for the first time this episode, and suggests that it's time Jack utilize those four 9mm pistols and ammo rounds that are locked in the Briefcase of Sawyer's Frustration. Jack rules this out, as he feels that a bunch of scared survivors are more likely to shoot each other by accident than to take out Ethan.

Jack's mind quickly changes when that night, despite the manly men maintaining an all-night security perimeter (except Boone - he fell asleep until Prodigal Vincent tripped the alarm at dawn and lured Boone into tripping on his own feet so Vincent could then lick his face and make sure everyone know how useless and comical Boone is. It worked quite well), Crazy Ethan managed to sneak in One if By Sea and kill off Survivor Scott. I know what you're thinking - maybe Scott just drowned? Yeah, Hurley asked the same thing. Kate pointed out that Scott's neck, both arms and all his fingers were broken (maybe some leg bones as well - I don't remember), so it probably wasn't a random drowning coincidence.

Jack and Locke (who of course is also a firearms expert - I briefly thought he was going to confess that he's a purist and only uses knives and other hand-to-hand type weapons, but nope) retrieve the 4 guns and roughly 100 rounds, and get Syid to join them on their Crazy Ethan Hunt. Charlie wants to play too, since he's got those responsibility issues to work out, but Jack says no. I don't really blame him, since Crazy Ethan had actually KILLED Charlie (temporarily, but still), plus Charlie's got that whole withdrawal thing going on, so I don't think I'd want to rely on him keeping a cool head under pressure either. They do go recruit Sawyer, since he's a manly gun wielding type guy. Okay, he didn't aim so well with the dying Marshall, but he took down the attacking polar bear quite efficiently. Of course since Jack and Sawyer are going off into the jungle with deadly weapons, Kate wants in on it. Jack pulls his protective crap again (come on - Kate probably has more weapons experience and nerves than the rest of them combined), but Sawyer for once makes a logical decision, and pulls out the 9mm he took from the Marshall. Off they go, to take Claire to her set-up rendezvous.

Claire appears very calm, but that's mostly because she has no recollection of Crazy Ethan and how very, very scary he can be. Until he slinks into the clearing with a particularly wacko look about him, and she takes off screaming. The hunters all move in, but Jack gets there first and manages to get a little payback for the beating Ethan gave him a couple of weeks earlier. They all congratulate Jack for his victorious show of testosterone, and prepare to take Ethan back to camp where they plan to interrogate him regarding the secrets of his psychosis and the island, when suddenly a series of gunshots ring out and Ethan falls down into a bloody pile of corpse. Seems Charlie tagged along and picked up the gun when Jack dropped it, and decided to work out his responsibility issues on Ethan's ass. Actually, on Ethan's torso, but the result is the same - Dead Crazy Ethan. Everyone stares at Charlie in shock and disbelief.

In the closing moments around the campfire, Jack asks Charlie why he did it, and Charlie goes for the obvious - because "that animal deserved to die." He points out the other obvious, that there was no way in hell that Living Crazy Ethan was ever going to tell them anything, and would simply continue to be a threat to everyone. Jack nods knowingly to his companion of the Testosterone Brotherhood, and clears out so Claire can take over. She remembers the imaginary peanut butter, and has decided that she can trust Charlie and be his friend. Gee, you think? They guy just killed for you. Of course, that didn't work out so well for Gunn and Fred, but the circumstances were different there.

Oh, and I think Jin may be figuring out that Sun can talk to the animals.

NEXT TIME: Back to the Jack, Kate and Sawyer threesome. Not that way. Well, maybe. Secrets, revelations, jealousy, longing glances, multiple aimed guns and possible revenge.

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