Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Lost - Outlaws 

Eye spy... More tales of Sawyer. His daddy was a real boar.

We find that Sawyer was in Australia to exact his revenge on the Original Sawyer, whose con led Daddy-Boar to kill Sawyer's mother and himself, while little Sawyer was hiding under his bed. After getting a tip from a fellow grifter, Sawyer heads off down under, buys a gun on the black market and heads off to shoot 'em up. Only he can't. Instead he goes to a Sydney bar to drown his sorrow about his own inadequacy as a vigilante.

Here's the part where we discover that Jack's daddy was a Bore. He and Sawyer were barflying at the same establishment, and in the way that drunken barflies do, Daddy-Bore proceeded to regale Sawyer with his tale of woe. I was chief of surgery, my son done me wrong but I'm really proud of him because he's strong and I'm weak. He thinks I hate him, but I'm so proud of him and I love him so, and I could fix this all with a single phone call. From that pay phone. Right there. But I won't. BECAUSE I'M WEAK!!!!! But he uses big words, because he's all bookified and pretentious. He then inspires Sawyer to take care of whatever it is that's keeping him down, because he shouldn't end up like Daddy-Bore.

Off Sawyer goes, and he guns down Original Sawyer, who has the courtesy not to die before saying enough for Sawyer to realize that the dying guy isn't Original Sawyer at all, but just some ass who owed money to the tip source. Yes, Sawyer, you've been manipulated again. You've spent your whole life being controlled by other people, and nothing you do in your Can't Beat Em, Join Em game will ever change you from being Life's Mark. That's sort of like being Fate's Bitch, but not as funny.

In less interesting news, Kate and Sawyer bonded a bit over a game of I Never. The only thing of note that we learn is that Kate was married briefly, and that she killed a man. Well, that wasn't really news, because she mentioned in an earlier episode that she had killed the man she loved. We don't know for sure if the love object/dead person was also the husband, but it's looking more likely.

Meanwhile, Charlie's been post-traumatic-ing his way out of his friendship with Claire right into psycholand, so Hurley sends Sayid for an intervention. Sayid tough talks him and reminds him, "You're not alone. Don't act like you are." And magically everything is all better.

In a brief conversation with Jack by the woodpile, Sawyer pieces together the identify of Daddy-Bore, but doesn't tell Jack. Clearly he's just hoarding information in the same way that he hoards supplies, and will no doubt pull it out at a more useful time. Whether it will be used to show what scum Sawyer is or what a good guy he really is, only future episodes will tell.

Posted by Beth Henderson at 9:14 AM