Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Mixed Emotions 

For once I'm the one who brought home a cold and pretty much passed it on unscathed. Usually The Girl brings something home from work, sniffs for a couple of hours, and is fine, while I then pick it up and run with it for several days. This time I brought home a respiratory viral gift from the five story cesspool of snot, sniffed for a couple of hours, and was fine. The Girl, on the other hand, has been renamed Snot Head since last Friday. Given that she so rarely gets sick, she's not handling the various discomforts very well. And she's snoring. A lot.

So when 5:00 am rolled around today and I could no longer sleep because of the symphony of nasal orchestration going on, I got up to work out. I was a little miffed at not being able to sleep, but then I felt good that I was going to get some exercise and movie watching in. I'm in between Wonderfalls DVDs (the 3rd and final one should be arriving from Netflix today), so I popped in Return to Me, one of my Valentine's Day recommendations.

Overall this is a romantic comedy, but there's a bit of tragedy at the beginning that's needed to set up the situation for the rest of the film. I forgot how very much this segment affects me. Pretty soon I'm Gazelling away, working up a sweat, feeling really good physically... and crying and sobbing out loud. I couldn't help feeling exposed, like I was standing on stage, singing, with my eyes closed.

Posted by Beth Henderson at 4:12 PM