Friday, February 11, 2005

Other Posts of Note 

I'm a little swamped today, so in lieu of picking something upon which to ramble extensively, I'm just going to supply the following links to posts of note on other blogs. I know, how lazy, but such is life.

ThinkProgress has some interesting notes on the Clear Skies initiative and the clouds that are gathering in it.

Also on ThinkProgress, news about a Washington Post poll that shows the level of misinformation among supporters of Pres. Bush's proposed Social Security changes, and how their support would likely change were they to learn the facts.

One last link to ThinkProgress, with their detailed tips on how to counter the various arguments presented in support of the above-mentioned proposed plan to change Social Security. This post is also available in PDF form so you can print it out and distribute it.

Over on the ever-entertaining yet incredibly-detailed World O'Crap is a post detailing the Jeff Gannon/Jim Guckert White House press issue and an analysis of White House Press Secretary Scottie McClellan's discussion/explanation/whitewash of the situation.

Sentencing Law and Policy has what looks like an interesting post on the Ninth Circuit, sentencing and "basic procedural fairness," with links to many sites for further detail.

Ernie the Attorney calls attention to a feature now being offered over at Naked Ownership. Their weekly news roundup summarizes and provides links to some of the hot topics that have been debated on the various blawgs in the preceeding days. They base the post on submissions from readers, so if you've got a suggestions for a hot topic, send it on in!

Posted by Beth Henderson at 9:56 AM