Saturday, February 26, 2005

Saturday Quickie 

Ohmygod! It's a weekend post!!! That NEVER happens lately!

Yes, I've been a scarce online presence this semester. I've found I can get a lot more studying in if I

1) Go to the library instead of trying to study at home. The calls of the fridge and the Tivo are just too strong otherwise.

2) Leave the computer in the locker on the 5th floor while I'm in the library. There are a few workstations in the library I can consult for such things as this.

But we're in the final countdown day before Oscar Night, so I just couldn't stay away. Here I am at a workstation. The Girl and I will be seeing Vera Drake this evening, which is the last of the major category films we haven't seen. We watched one of those 2004: the film year in review shows last night to ratchet up the Academy Award spirit, and the party preparation will commence this evening, with the putting away of the Christmas decorations. What? They look nice, okay?

I'll post my picks tomorrow morning.

Posted by Beth Henderson at 10:19 AM