Monday, February 07, 2005

Weekend Wrap Up 

No movies were viewed, and no legal reading was done this weekend. Intensive speed reading will be going on in the library this afternoon before classes.

The Girl tried on a vast number of gowns at David's Bridal on Friday evening, finally deciding on one, but we decided to sleep on it and possibly return the next day with additional eyes. We indeed returned at noon on Saturday, with The Girl's sister and The Creeping Unknown in tow (these are both experienced brides with keen senses of fashion). After much ooh-ing and ah-ing, and directives to The Girl to walk this way, stand that way, pretend she was dancing, and stand up straight, the choice was made. Now, going into this she was still undecided on a dress or flowy pants. She's gone Full Bridal on me, and will be wearing a gown, short train and all. She drew the line at any veil or tiara, even though Lorna, our David's Bridal Consultant, kept placing them in The Girl's hair anyway. Can't blame a commission-based consultant for trying. The Girl's sister at one point, stated, while The Girl was standing on a pedestal (literally) in full gown"This is one day I never thought I'd see." The Creeping Unknown begged me to try some on (complete with a begging dog pantomime), but I respectfully and repeatedly declined.

I continued my working out on The Gazelle, in hopes of looking good in whatever I wear, which might perhaps be this much less voluminous dress. Unfortunately, the nearest Nordstrom's is in Providence, so there will have to be a road trip in the next couple of weeks. It could be flowy pants though. Who knows? I've been watching Wonderfalls while working out, and after watching the four episodes that aired before the show's untimely cancellation, I've at last watched a new episode - Fabulous.

Went to the ends of the earth to attend a distant but fabulous party in Hillsboro, NH on Saturday, hosted by a college friend of The Girl's. The food and other guests were all fun and festive, and a wonderful time was had by all. Except our host's very long-term live-in boyfriend, who nearly passed out whenever any mention was made of engagement rings or wedding gowns. We passed a copy of the David's Bridal catalogue to a guest who was staying overnight, and she tucked it into the boyfriend's fly-fishing magazines. I hear he was not convinced.

Sunday was household chores, then off to Gloucester for a Superbowl party, hosted by some extreme Patriots fans. Needless to say, a good time was had by all there as well.

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