Sunday, March 27, 2005

All She Wants To Do Is Dance 

The Girl and I both love to dance. When it comes to formal dancing, however, we're both at a bit of a loss. I did have that class I had to take as part of my undergrad PE degree (technically, HPERD - Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance, but I think more people recognize the "PE" part of it"), but that was a really long time ago, and it didn't particularly leave that big of an impression on me. It was the first semester at my trasfer school, and I was still undergoing culture shock. I hear my second school has undergone much in the way of cultural enlightenment since I was there, but at the time it simply wasn't worldly gay central.

First school (through middle of junior year). Second school (drastically changed majors, so took another 4 semesters to finish there). At any rate, learning the foxtrot wasn't my highest goal in my first semester as the new kid.

But there's a wedding coming up, and nobody puts Baby in a corner. That is to say, we don't want to sit out any dances simply because we don't know how. "But it's your wedding," you say. "Don't play any music you can't dance to." Ah, but between the two of us we have a broad range of musical tastes, and while I may not yet know how to dance to some types of music, it doesn't mean I don't like the music! So in our quest for footwork betterment, we've rented Discover Ballroom Dance, and inspired by Shall We Dance, yesterday we finally moved the living room furniture out of the way and started our journey. We only covered the basic forward and backwards waltz steps so far, and now we're practicing those before we move on. Well, I am, anyway. The Girl is still working on letting go of that "I feel stupid" reaction. But I think we're making progress. Yesterday I was waltzing about the house at various points, looking a bit like Jennifer Grey during that early dance training montage in which we spot her practicing her steps alone in various secluded spots around the Catskills.

We've got quite a bit of work ahead - the DVD includes waltz, quickstep, foxtrot and tango. But we've got 97 days - no problem.

Posted by Beth Henderson at 8:53 AM