Sunday, March 20, 2005

Boston Parking Advice 

If you're thinking that Sunday morning would be a good day to drive into Boston, since the meters are free, think twice. Make sure the particular Sunday in question doesn't happen to coincide with the day of the South Boston St. Patrick's Day Parade and also with Palm Sunday.

As I drove round and round the general area of NESL, I spotted not only a dearth of parking spaces, but also many people either decked out in holiday green or carrying palms. After 45 minutes of futile searching, I ended up back on 93 North, and parked at the T station I normally utilize on weekends. Then I didn't have anything with me to read on the T, since when I packed my bag it was with the plan of driving to school.

My general plan when it comes to traveling in Boston is to take the T. On those rare occasions that I decide to drive, it never ends well. The next time this thought enters my head I must just remind myself, "That's the most idiotic fucking idea you've ever had. Stop it."

Posted by Beth Henderson at 6:18 PM