Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Does Peter Parker Dig Pinot? 

Oscar-nominated Thomas Haden Church has signed on to play an as yet unspecified villain in Spider-Man 3.

I really liked the first two, and even The Girl enjoyed them both, although she watched them on DVD, not in the theater. I saw the first one at the theater with the now-wife of soxfan, and I have to tell you - she's a movie talker. The Girl thinks I talk too much when we're watching movies at home, but I limit it to occasional comments on the previous works of the various actors, but Wife of Soxfan carries on nonstop dialogue with the characters. I finally had to throw my popcorn napkin at her to break the spell!

How's that coming these days, soxfan?

Posted by Beth Henderson at 7:59 PM