Sunday, March 06, 2005


Now that Oscar season is over (for a while), The Girl and I have gotten back to watching less known, quirky films. Sometimes they're good, sometimes they're really bad.

Last night we hit a winner: Eulogy. This 2004 movie stars, well, tons o'people, and is just hysterical. Zooey Deschanel stars and narrates as Katie, the favorite grandaughter of Edmund (Rip Torn), whose recent death brings this totally dysfunctional family back together at their mom's (Piper Laurie) house for the funeral. Ray Romano is the unrestrained testosterone son, who with his own twin testosterone spawn drove his wife out of their lives with their various stunts. Hank Azaria is the overly sensitive but incredibly self-absorbed failed actor son, who returns with his daughter Kate. Debra Winger (yes, THAT Debra Winger!!!!) is Alice, the overbearing, controlling and vastly judgmental daughter who has browbeaten her husband and three children into silence. And she wears very cool geeky glasses. Kelly Preston is the lesbian daughter who is planning to marry her partner, Famke Janssen, and who has years of bitter resentment built up against big sister Alice. Add in some old flames, Glenne Headly as a family friend, a couple of cameos by Rene Auberjonois as a ditzy pastor, and get ready for the fun!

Other Trek connect (besides Odo): Debra Winger's silent husband (uncredited on IMDB) is played by Mark Harelik, who was on Voyager as the very smooth Devore Inspector Kashyk. I see from his IMDB profile that he was also on Angel, but I can't take credit for remembering that one.

The dialogue is fun and incredibly snarky, the soundtrack is great (including a couple of Joan Armatrading songs), most of the plot points don't come armed with sledgehammers, and there are some superbly done point-of-view shots that left me howling.

Reality Check: The Girl liked this one too. We may have to purchase it. She did get a little tired of my running commentary on the various other shows and movies each actor was in, but that was done after all the characters were introduced.

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