Monday, March 14, 2005

The L Word - Lynch Pin 

Is it just me, or did last night's episode rock? Other than the brief little glimpse into Jenny's psycho carnival writing, everything just moved along, was entertaining, advanced the storylines, and elicited a variety of emotional responses. Such as:

Shane and Alice both got slight hairstyle changes. I like Shane's, but not so sure about Alice's.

Those roommate interviews were horrifying! But Shane's dismissal of Exodus girl was superb. "There it is." (points to door) "Here, I'll show you." (opens the door)

Since when are Jenny and Shane so physical? With each other, I mean. I don't recall Shane draping herself all over any of her other friends. And what is with this psychodance they're doing with poor hot Carmen? Shane - get over your issues and let Carmen in. She's so clearly into you, and it's killing you to keep her out like that. Jenny - go get your own. Open your eyes to the drama of others, instead of just picking the lint out of your own dramatic navel.

Awful Attorney - BACK OFF, BITCH!!!!! Even when she was just standing there eating her maki rolls and pickled ginger, she just oozed ethical boundary crossing and serious manipulativeness. I was horrified when she tried forcing herself on the clearly unwilling Tina, and cheered when Tina pushed her away with a total disgusto look. So now we've seen her pack up and leave the Guest House of Bar Association Banishment, but where will she go? Will she return to Alice's Apartment Complex of Complication? Or back to the House of Desolation (aka Bette & Tina's house)? Of course, that should be renamed the House of Hot Pool Parties, after the party at Casa di Heartbreakers spilled over for a midnight naked swim.

Freaky Filmmaker Mark - First impression: seems cool. A little intrusive with the filming the roommate interview and all, but okay. Later impression: dude - you're trying to get insight into gay women by talking to Jenny? Bad instincts. But I think it had a good effect on Jenny, since she's now getting a hair makeover by Shane. The Girl was quite disappointed that we didn't get to see the finished product, even in the previews. Final impression, based on previews: bad, bad Mark. Try as hard as you might, you can't justify what you're doing.

Doesn't the garage/gardening shed/studio seem a lot bigger now that Mark's living there? It looks more like a spacious loft.

Bette - Come back to the light. How old is that woman - 20? Clean up your act and get thee back to Tina. You say you want to make it better - getting drunk and picking up strangers probably isn't the best way to accomplish that particular goal. And that was incredibly low, telling Helena Peabody that "My partner and I are trying to start a family," in order to activate the lesbo-bonding card. You're better than that. And Helena: focus. Work. Family. Work. Family. Where were the kids for the two days you hadn't seen them, anyway?

Alice, Dana, Tonya - Who dresses like that for a trip to the amusement park? And why-oh-why couldn't Tonya have seen Dana planting a big one on Alice? Dana - you can't put up a wall between you and Alice, while simultaneously putting up a wall between Alice and the rest of the world. Ms. Fairbanks - Tear down that wall!

Kit - You have my blessing to pursue Charles Durning. He's so cool. I have my doubts about the character, who has a bit of charlatan aura about him. But it's Charles Durning! I hated that he immediately brought out the negative connotations of the various self-identified animals, and then saved the positive connotations for himself to add to the interpretation. Maybe the people doing the identifying already thought of the positive attributes, and you sliced them up by bringing up the negative ones. One question - Pear Polenta Tarts? I'm not sure whether I'm intrigued or appalled at the concept.

Camryn Manheim - Really. What a bitch. But a fabulously portrayed bitch. Take the job Shane - you need the money! Just don't compromise your bitingly honest analyses.

Next week: Tina's grant wins Peabody funds, but Bette thinks it's Helena winning Tina's affections. She's clueless when it comes to Tina's business activities, and Tina's pregnancy. But that will be changing next week. Mark decides to plant "respectful" hidden cameras in Casa di Heartbreakers, to gain insight into the lesbian lifestyle. Tonya finally walks in on some serious wall-breaking. Yay!!!!!

Posted by Beth Henderson at 11:28 AM