Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Lost - In Translation 

I just realized that I never posted on last week's Lost, which was sort of the flip side of the Sun episode. We see the world through Jin's eyes, during the same events that was viewed earlier through the eyes of Sun.

He went to work for Sun's automotive manufacturer father who dabbles in mob style hits on government ministry employees who don't play by his rules. The time we saw Jin come in with blood all over him was from the time he beat an assistant minister senseless in order to prevent the assigned hit man from killing the guy. Jin also went to see his fisherman father, whom he had told Sun & family was dead, as he had been ashamed of his low social status. He spills his guts to dad, who tells him to do this last job for Daddy Terror then disappear in America. The job in question involved delivering fancy wristwatches to Daddy Terror's colleagues in Australia and the US.

So it turns out that both Jin and Sun were planning to run away on this trip, but with different motives and traveling companions in mind.

Michael's boat gets torched, and he blames Jin, since Jin and Michael had been having fisticuffs over Sun again. By the end of the various arguments of the episode, Sun starts screaming in English for everyone to leave Jin alone, since he didn't light the fire. Everyone is shocked (except Kate and Michael), but none more so than Jin. He pretty much writes her off, says it's too late to go back to how they used to be and moves to the beach. On his arrival at the worksite for Michael's new boat, Jin speaks his first English word: "Boat."

Locke insight moments: First he tells Shannon that everyone gets a new life on the island, and it's time she start hers. See note on subplot of not much interest, below. His other moment came when out of the blue at the end of the episode, Locke sits down for a little mano a mano with Walt, and after a little small talk he asks Walt why he sent Dad's raft up in flames. Walt's tired of moving and likes it on the island. Locke promises not to turn him in, since Locke likes the island too.

Subplot of not much interest: Shannon and Sayid get up close and personal. Boone warns Sayid that she'll break his heart, as that is her way. Sayid doesn't much care.

Little understated point of interest: The Guyfriend claims to have spotted Hurley on the tv set at the assistant minister's house. He was getting into a car or something. Just something to file away for future use.

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