Thursday, March 03, 2005

Lost - Numbers 

This episode we learn more about the enigma that is Hurley, after he gets a glimpse of a series of repeating numbers that Crazy Danielenn had written down. He uses Michael's wish for a battery to power a possible transmitter that maybe Michael will ask Sayid to build for the raft if possible (yeah, it's a real definite) as an excuse to find Crazy Danielenn and ask her about the numbers.
  • Hurley had issues (unspecified).
  • Hurley caused his family problems (unspecified).
  • Hurley got help (via inpatient psych ward).
  • Hurley met Crazy Lenny, who kept repeating a series of numbers.
  • Hurley got better.
  • Hurley got out.
  • Hurley played the numbers in the lottery.
  • Hurley got rich (and on TV, which was shown obscurely in the previous episode).
  • Hurley got cursed and scared (bad things started happening around him).
  • Hurley got richer.
  • Hurley told Lenny, who sent him to Australia to find an earlier number cursee.
  • Hurley found earlier number cursee's widow, who didn't believe in the curse, although her late husband did, eventually leading him to kill himself.
  • Hurley learns that Crazy Larry and Dead Number Cursee heard the numbers while they were in the Navy, monitoring airwaves in the Pacific.
  • Hurley is joined by Charlie, Sayid and Jack in his Crazy Danielenn quest, but won't tell them his reasons.
  • Hurley won't tell because he is tired of everyone telling him he's crazy.
  • Hurley is alone when Crazy Danielenn and her rifle confront him.
  • Hurley is totally cool about the maybe-monster, maybe-angry-giraffe and all the other weird things on the island, but he's got to know why she wrote down those numbers.
  • Hurley learns that Crazy Danielenn's crew heard the transmission also, and when they tried to find the source, they ended up shipwrecked on the island. They eventually found the radio tower, but then "the illness" struck. When the rest were dead, Crazy Danielenn went to the tower and changed the transmission to the one that has been looping for 16 years now.
  • Hurley is relieved to hear that Crazy Danielenn also believes the numbers must be cursed. He gives her a big hug, and she hugs him back.
  • Hurley returns to the search party, hands over a battery, and tells Sayid, "She says hey."
She says "Hey." BWAH! His delivery was spot on for that line. Later on, Hurley tells Charlie that he thinks he (Hurley) caused the crash (you know, curse and all). Charlie tells him bad things happen all the time, and everyone has their little secrets. Charlie then reveals that he was doing heroin in the loo at the time of the crash. After telling his "darkest secret," Charlie expects Hurley to bare his own soul. Hurley reveals that he has a net worth of $156 million. Charlie is wounded at Hurley's obvious joke and stalks away. Hurley seems okay with that, and doesn't really seem to feel cursed or crazy anymore.

Meanwhile, Locke does his mystical mysterious man thing with Claire. He enlists her help with a project, which basically involves her sitting and sawing twigs while Locke uses homemade glue and says deep and meaningful things. And she got a cradle out of the deal!

Sawyer, Michael, Walt, Vincent, Jin, Sun and Kate shared about 1.5 minutes of screentime at the raft building site. Sun tells Kate that Jin cannot forgive her because she humiliated him (I guess with the "I speak English" secret that she kept from him). She asks Kate if she thinks Jin will be going away on the raft with the others. From the look she was giving Kate, I think her unspoken thoughts continued, "Because then I can pursue the relationship with you that I so obviously want but cannot currently attempt because it would further humiliate my husband. Why don't we help build the raft and then they'll be on their way that much sooner?" This isn't the first time I've seen Sun casting this type of glance Kate's way, either.

Closing moment: Zoom in on the mysterious metal bunker that Locke and Boone have been secretly excavating. Some sort of serial number is stamped into the metal - the Cursed Numbers! Dun-dun-DUN!

Next week: Repeat of All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues.
UPDATE (3/15/05 9:15 am): For anyone wondering, the numbers are 4-8-15-16-23-42. Use them at your own risk.

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