Friday, March 11, 2005

New York Undercover 

My sister sent me a lovely black turtleneck sweater yesterday, which I'm wearing today tucked into blue jeans, with a black leather belt, black Doc Marten's and my funky geeky black framed glasses. I'm told I look very New York. Or Cambridge. But New York sounds more chic, so I'm going with that.

Usually I look more garage band grunge, so it's a change.

Now off to feed the 12-hour parking meter. No, I haven't been at work for that long already today. The meter stopped registering the change after it reached 2 hours, 24 minutes. It was the last 12-hour meter, and I didn't want to forfeit the 2.5 hours I had already paid for (actually I paid for 4.5 hours before I noticed the malfunction). So off I go to either move it or feed it.

But I look marvelous.

Posted by Beth Henderson at 8:54 AM