Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Oscar 2005 Wrap-Up 

Once again our Oscar Party was a great success, and it appeared that fun was had by all. This year's party had the added feature of When Bloggers Meet, as a few of the guests have read each other's blogs, but had not yet met face to face. Bloggers present were me, The Creeping Unknown, Not a Freak, and Soxfan.

As evidence that blogging makes you smarter, TCU and Soxfan tied for the most correct picks, at I believe it was 15 correct picks each. Last year we also had a tie at 19 correct, and the statue stayed at our house since The Girl won the tie-breaking thumb-wrestling match against The Hammer. This year only one of our winners lasted through the entire awards show, so the trophy went home with The Creeping Unknown. Our little Oscar shrine looks empty on the wall now, so we may have to get another trophy which will be the Permanent Display, while the other will become the Traveling Trophy.

This was a tough year. I had more correct picks on my losing entry last year than the winners had this year. As The Girl pointed out, there was no Lord of the Rings to which to hitch your voting wagon. But it made for an exciting night, with so many talented nominees.

On another accurate prediction note, we're getting better at calculating the amount of chinese food for Oscar Night, and we didn't have quite as much left over this year. In true geek fashion, I saved our order list, and marked which items were Too Much, Too Little, and which were Just Right, so we can modify accordingly for next year. Seating was almost sufficient, with all living room seats filled, plus three people parked on the floor and two good sports on the stairs (they're open into the living room, so it was a clear view to the screen). Delicious desserts were contributed by a number of guests, and everything was simply fabulous.

Consensus was that:
  • Chris Rock was an excellent host.
  • Mermaid dresses were the dominant choice.
  • Fair-skinned, blonde women shouldn't wear gowns that match their skin tone so closely.
  • Hilary Swank was the fashion winner as well as Best Actress.
  • Beyonce must have been exhausted from all those wardrobe, hair and makeup changes. And the singing.
  • Pierce Brosnan is fine.
  • Natalie Portman is poise personified.
  • The floating Oscar stage decoration was really cool, even if it reminded us of Carousel in Logan's Run.
  • Trader Joe's makes the most delicious little cream puffs.
  • Not letting the less prestigious category winners give their acceptance speeches from stage really sucked.
This may be the only big public recognition most of these people get in their careers, and part of the thrill is looking out from stage onto all the people in the audience who are applauding your achievements and talent. Instead they had to stand in the aisle with their backs to the audience and simply speak into the camera. The other new format of having all the nominees on stage was okay, as the winner still got to walk forward to the mic and address the whole theater. For next year, keep that one but get rid of the in-aisle presentations. Thanks Gil!

And may I just add that Regina King and Sandra Oh need some big time recognition. Soon.

For next year: March 5, 2006. Save the date!!!

Posted by Beth Henderson at 8:45 AM