Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Spring Break Literary Diversions 

You may have guessed from the decidedly nonacademic tone of recent posts that NESL is currently on Spring Break. As usual, I had planned on doing all sorts of class-related readings during this downtime, but also as usual, I've succumbed to the call of the fluff.

Over the Winter Recess between semesters, I plowed through all four of the Star Trek: DS9 Mission Gamma books, concluding with Lesser Evil. And yes, that is Ro Laren on the cover.

I really enjoyed them, so later on during that break when The Girl and I were at Barnes & Noble in Framingham, I went hunting for the next books in the DS9 series. I picked up about 7 subsequent books, but the one book that immediately followed Mission Gamma was out of stock. Of course I couldn't just plow ahead out of sequence, so they have been sitting on a shelf since then.

Saturday at Providence Place I successfully located the missing link in the series, Rising Son.

Just in time for Spring Break! On a side note, during the shopping trip at Borders at Providence Place, there were the usual assortment of geeks in the sci-fi section, and I made the standard brief eye contact and nod of the head at the one other female geek, then moved on with my shopping. Once I found Rising Son, I went over to the CD section to assist The Girl in locating her selections. Once that was done, I suggested that she head over to the cashiers, while I would go collect The Creeping Unknown. I found her over in sci-fi, having a roundtable discussion with a a few male sci-fi geeks about various authors and literary series. They appeared quite enthused to be chatting with an attractive yet totally geeky chick. I started Rising Son on Sunday, finished it last night, and started in on Unity.

Technically, the two-book set Left Hand of Destiny were written before Unity, but they cover a different storyline, while Unity picks up the storyline I've been reading. They'll be next.

These books pick up after the series finale of Deep Space Nine, and adhere well to the storylines and characters as they had developed over time. There have also been a couple of lesbian characters who are treated with nonchalance, which is a bonus. I'd probably be further along in Unity, but I've driven to work both days this week so I haven't had the riding-the-T time to read. Any bets on whether I'll get through the whole stack by the end of break?

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