Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Star Trek Poll 

I'm so gay. And such a geek. Wil Wheaton posted up news that TV Guide is running a Star Trek uber-poll, covering all the series. When he posted, he was quite dismayed that Wesley Crusher was leading the pack as Most Annoying Character, and he requested that his readers vote in an effort to right this wrong.

So I surfed on over to vote. My choices and initial reactions reveal something about my personality, such as my opening comments above. Also, in general my choices don't reflect the choices of most of the voters so far. I think we need more lesbian geeks to take part in the process. My votes compared with the overall numbers thus far:

What's your favorite Star Trek catchphrase?
Overall Voters: Resistance Is Futile (22%).
Me: Resistance is Futile. Okay, this is the one on which I matched the masses. It's just such a useful phrase!

Which character would you most want by your side on an away mission?
Overall Voters: Data (32%). So he's superfast, superstrong, and superknowledgeable. And can exist in a vacuum and other extremely harsh environments. So what?
Me: Kathryn Janeway (2%). She's tough, experienced, intelligent, able to scrap her way out of all sorts of traps for the unwary. And face it - she's pretty hot. Okay, this is an indication of the "so gay" trait.

Who was the most annoying character?
Overall Voters: Alexander Rozhenko (Worf's Son) (17%). Yeah, he was a little annoying, but he really wasn't around that much. And he made for some great Worf episodes!
Me: Janice Rand (2%). Uck. She's so helpless. She's like the anti-dyke.

With which female character would you most like to spend a romantic evening in the Holodeck?
Overall Voters: Seven of Nine (19%). It's got to be the boobs. They do attract the typical Star Trek fan. But she's so annoyingly literal and analytical.
Me: Ro Laren (4%). She's fiery, passionate and athletic. And face it - she's pretty hot. She's like the Shane of Star Trek. Speaking of Shane, it looks like I may need to put up another poll to vote for the 2nd Hottest L Word Chick (see top right of blog, or bottom left, depending on how old this post is when you're reading it), since Shane appears to be running away with the number one spot.

With which male character would you most like to spend a romantic evening in the Holodeck?
Overall Voters: James T. Kirk (35%). I think this has to do, again, with the demographic of the typical Star Trek fan - straight males. Most of the other character options are either totally nonsexy, or too close to being contemporary. Kirk is legendary, historical and totally not possible. And for the straight women fans, Kirk is also the most blatantly sexual manly man character they had.
Me: Julian Bashir (7%). I really didn't want to pick one, as I wouldn't want a romantic evening with any of the choices. I wouldn't mind hanging with many of them, but romance? No thanks. I finally settled on Julian, probably because he's the most lesbian-like.

Who was the most fearsome villain(s)?
Overall Voters: The Borg (60%). Yeah, they're bad. Resistance is futile, you know.
Me: Cardassians (2%). This is the geek in me coming out. The Borg were tough, but Starfleet overcame their coordinated hive mind and brute strength on numerous occasions. And once they're defeated, they back off completely. They're very straightforward. The Cardassians, on the other hand, stick around. They're devious. They'll sign a treaty, but find every way possible to get around it. The Borg will assimilate you, but the Cardassians will torture you and force you to sit through a sham trial, the verdict of which is predetermined, or they'll subject you to psychological manipulation. Or they'll subject you to occupation for decades. Sure, the Borg take over your civilization too, but you become Borg for the ride. Maybe the Cardassians have changed after their experience with at the hands of the Dominion, but who knows?

The final tally will be published in the April 17 edition of TV Guide and on TVGuide.com.

Posted by Beth Henderson at 10:56 AM