Sunday, March 06, 2005

Wedding Attire - The Field Has Narrowed 

The Girl and I were joined by The Creeping Unknown and The Girl's Sister yesterday for an expedition to Providence Place, home of New England's only Nordstrom location, so I could try on a dress for the wedding.

This much has been now decided: I will be wearing white flowy pants and perhaps a simple top with a beaded jacket for the wedding. I wasn't even going to come out of the dressing booth to get the fashion opinion, but I finally jumped out momentarily so they could all agree that a dress just isn't the thing for me. There was no twirling involved. I think the black ankle socks with which I was accessorizing did the trick.

Later I did find an absolutely fabulous pair of slacks at Brooks Brothers. One little catch: 100% wool with a silk lining. Not the best choice for a July wedding. I'm hoping the summer lines will be on display soon.

A word of caution to anyone venturing to Providence Place: going into the parking garage is like entering Thunderdome. You might want to bring snacks, because you'll be there a while.

Posted by Beth Henderson at 8:59 AM