Wednesday, April 13, 2005

April Showers Bring May Flowers. What Does April Snow Bring? 

It was snowing last evening. Less than a week before the marathon, with flowers bursting forth all over the place and people abandoning their warm coats and some even donning shorts, winter gasped its (hopefully) last gasp. It melted right away, but this morning I had ice on my windshield. I've had enough. I'm ready for sunshine, warm weather and trips to the beach.

Speaking of the marathon, preparations are fully underway around here. The banners started appearing around Back Bay a week ago or so, registered runners are listed on the BAA website, and this morning the structures started going up in Copley Square. One of my classmates and one of my professors are running this year, and we all wish them success. They're both registered, so we'll be able to track their progress as they each pass the 5k marks along the route. I'm taking a vacation day on Monday to avoid delays from the various road closures and massive numbers of people who will be in town. Classes at NESL are cancelled on Monday, so it will be a real day off for me! Details on the various street closings by town, with more detail on the streets of Boston, here. By the way - some of the street closings in Boston are starting today.

Posted by Beth Henderson at 11:00 AM