Friday, April 01, 2005

Friday Random Ten - What's It All About Edition 

Friday again. Today we ponder life, longing and the meaning of romance, along with other big questions.

To play along, load all tracks on your MP3 player, hit shuffle and jot down the first 10 tracks that reveal themselves. Put 'em on your blog if you have one, and Comment/Trackback here and at the host, feministe.

  • Nothing Changes - Viki Nova - Rockrgrl Discoveries 2004 (this tune rocks - you can get it on her new self-released album, Catch Me If You Can, on her website)
  • Kimberly - Patti Smith - Horses (while in college, I considered this to be the best sex album ever)
Now get out there and seek some answers!

Posted by Beth Henderson at 9:06 AM