Friday, April 01, 2005

The L Word - Lagrimas de Oro 

Okay, I'm a little behind this week, what with the brain fog and all. But I'll try to reach back five days to when I viewed the episode and give very high-level comments.

Tina gets her own apartment in a very California looking complex. Bette attends a T.O.E. session with Kit and takes some hints that she'll try to apply to her Tina troubles, but her own very developed complexes get in the way. Like the one where Bette really can't remember that it's not all about Bette. Tina seems really happy in her little nest, which is much less planned and orderly than the House of Hot Pool Parties, aka House of Desolation.

Speaking of pool parties, while Bette shows up at Tina's doorstep and attempts a grand gesture without really trying very hard, Tina is out on the town with Helena Peabody at a boring dinner for other grant recipients. Helena sneaks out to the hotel pool and Tina follows along. Helena must have put some security in charge of keeping other guests away from the pool, since without much delay she and Tina are getting very closely acquainted poolside and then in the water.

Kit and Charles Dutton got very closely acquainted early on in this episode, despite the fact that the slimeball con artist is married. This has disaster written all over it. I just hope Kit can manage not to lose Planet Kit by the end of it.

Sandra Bernhard made another appearance, this time doling out advice to Jenny while working out in the weight room (Sandra, not Jenny). It must not have been that interesting, because I really can't remember much about it except that right after Sandra points out that she has a policy of not socializing with students, we see that a male student from the class is spotting her on the bench press.

Much as I hate even to acknowledge this particular storyline, I feel I must. Filmmaker Mark is no longer content just to peep and record on the intimate goings on inside Casa di Heartbreakers, and has now taken to hiring and sending in outside characters to fulfill his own lesbian fantasies. Come now Mark - I think you're compromising your documentary vision just a tad here. Anyway, he hires an acquaintance to pose as a hot UPS-type chick and make a very special delivery to Shane, all for the benefit of the camera. Shane seems a little surprised by the extreme forwardness (usually Shane's the one pulling the surprises), but plays right along. I actually found this a little out of character. Yeah, Shane's not one to shy away from a little spontaneous sex with strangers, but she's street smart enough to spot a setup. Anyway, our Heartbreaker With a Heart of Gold had some sort of emotional impact on the ho, who expressed her regret and concerns to Mark over whether Shane's feelings might be hurt when the film is made public. She takes the 200 bucks for her effort, though.

In a much anticipated story development, Dana finally breaks it off with Evil Tonya. Dana was playing a charity demonstration match, with various celebs in attendance. Alice followed to whatever city it was in, to provide support and prodding. After the match, Dana faced the music with Tonya and actually gave a very nice speech that was kind, accepting of blame, expressive of gratitude for what they had, and for all the help Tonya has given Dana in both her career and in finding her own true self. In the perfect finale to this ill-fated affair, Evil Tonya immediately counters by announcing that she and Melissa Rivers (who was sponsoring the match) have fallen head over heels, brings Melissa into the locker room and makes out with her in front of Dana, and bounces off into the poisoned sunset. After their departure, Erin Daniels delivers the perfect face of mixed relief, shock but not surprise, and enthusiasm for what she hopes will come next.

But we'll have to wait until Sunday for what comes next, because that's it for this episode. I'm sure I left lots of juicy details out, but it's the best I can retrieve from my brain, what with all the pressure from my swollen sinuses. Check out the detailed recaps at AfterEllen. That's where I'm heading now.

NEXT WEEK: More Camryn Manheim, troubles with Helena's ex, and Shane makes poor choices in dealing with her supressed but overwhelming true love for Carmen.

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