Monday, April 25, 2005

The L Word - Late, Later, Latent 

Yeah, I'm a bit behind. I haven't watched last night's episode, and I haven't written up last week's episode. I blame this on the long-awaited, incredible, mind-blowing sex scene between Bette and Tina. I'm still recovering. I was dismantled.

Then Tina pretty much gave Bette the boot, but said they can still be friends. Then Helena shows up (after Tina accused Helena of being ashamed of Tina's apartment), and Tina has a major confrontation with her about Helena's controlling, manipulative, exhibitionist ways. It was great!!! But then she told Helena not to leave, but to stay and service Tina. Needless to say, Helena did not stay, because Helena only does what Helena controls. I would have preferred it if Tina had simply tossed Helena out on her pretentious ass after the verbal smackdown.

Jenny finds Mark's surveillance tapes and views Carmen and Shane confessing their true love for each other, and Carmen's dismissal of Jenny as not being able to "recognize the real thing if it bit her in the ass." Jenny was dismantled, but went to her first session with Tony Western Stud (Sandra got them back together for the book), and TWS sees how upset she is, so they bond over their love gone wrong stories, TWS confesses that he's gay but he keeps his arrangements secret (you think?) and will kill her if she tells anyone. She laughs, but he assures her he's serious.

Ivan makes a brief appearance when Kit goes to an AA meeting after Benjamin TOE cancels a date for which Kit has prepared an elaborate dinner, including lobster flown in from Maine. He and Kit head out to some club that isn't Planet Kit, and Kit finds that Ivan is actually in a 5-year relationship. Whoops - forgot to mention that. Ivan doesn't see any fault on his part - it would appear that all Bette's magical rehabilition is being fueled by all the good karma that Ivan just lost. Bye Ivan! Don't think we'll be seeing you again, or at least not in the same way.

The episode closed with Alice getting her wish from last week.

On a side note, Bette's ratings continue to climb in the RSLS poll.

Next week (actually, yesterday, but whatever): Olivia cruising, and Ossie Davis makes a posthumous appearance as the still uptight Mr. Porter.

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