Thursday, April 28, 2005

Last Day of Classes 

Last evening of classes for the semester tonight. It was supposed to be last night, but tonight we have a make up day for Monday classes missed due to one of the winter's big snowstorms.

I'm proud to say that I've been designated the winner of the IM Conference Throw-Off award (top two positions, actually). My second place entry was caused by the January reintroduction of the Subservient Stickman.

Last night's winning event of the year was prompted by a class-related inquiry on whether each of us in the conference would be attending this Sunday's review session. One person mentioned that she can't, because she has to attend her boyfriend's family's celebration of Orthodox Easter this Sunday, which will involve many hours of travel each way. That led to a discussion of whether they roast a whole lamb, to be followed by the men fighting over who gets to eat the yummy eyeballs (this is a favorite story of another friend when describing her own family's Greek Orthodox Easter). This in turn led to a comment that male relatives of a couple of us do enjoy eating other organs, such as the ones that come in that gross little package in the Thanksgiving turkey.

My stream of consciousness then brought up an article in the issue of Vanity Fair article my sister brought with her on her recent visit. It was about the uber yachts of the obscenely wealthy, one of which is the Christina O, the yacht that Aristotle Onassis had completely renovated and customized. One of his favorite features was the barstools in Ari's Bar, the nautical themed lounge area. They're upholstered in whale foreskins. Yes, you read this correctly. I can only imagine what sort of google search hits I'll be getting now.

Unfortunately, instead of simply creating the "Ew" factor I had intended, it produced some giggles which could not be held in. Those giggles produced sympathy giggles from the surrounding area, and so on. And we still had 40 minutes left of class. It was not a pretty sight. I rely on my 24 ounce Lexan water bottle to hide my smirk, and when I can't hold in any noise I turn it into a cough and drink some more water. My nonconferenced friend who sits behind me started thinking that I was actually choking or something, and grew quite concerned, but then she noticed the shoulder shaking going on with my neighbors, and figured it was just a distracted laughter thing. After class a friend from a few rows back commented that he thought we were going to fall under the desks eventually.

But we made it through without being called on it and without entirely losing control. It was tough, though. Clearly the lesson of the subservient stickman was not retained. Hopefully the lesson of the whale foreskin will have better staying power. So to speak. I'm sorry, I can't help it. Sigh. It's been a long year.

For more information on the yacht, and information on private charters, check out Magical Journeys.

Posted by Beth Henderson at 9:55 AM