Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Lost - Do No Harm 

Boone is bleeding. Jack won't give up. Hey - it worked on Charlie, didn't it?

Once again it's Flashback Jack Day, in which we see his father point out that Jack doesn't know how to let go. We also see that Jack got married at some point prior to Daddy's big trip to Australia. His bride is a woman who was in some sort of terrible accident and was paralyzed. All the doctors said she'd never walk again, but Jack wouldn't let go, and there she was ready to dance at her wedding. Daddy wonders whether Jack really loves her or whether the wedding is simply the most recent manifestation of his inability to let go. During the ceremony, Jack admits that he doesn't know how to let go, and we all think he's going to dump her at the ocean view gazebo, but instead he professes his undying love and that in fact she fixed him, not the other way around.

Something clearly happened to the happy couple sometime before Jack's big trip to Australia, since he isn't wearing a wedding ring (that I've noticed), and he doesn't seem to be mooning over his distant love.

Back to Bloody Boone. He's a mess. Collapsed lung, massive internal bleeding, multiple fractures, and blood pooling in his crushed leg. Jack figures out that this wasn't a simple fall but was the result of a massive crush injury. In his state of shock, Boone makes statements about Locke and the Mystery Hatch, and how Locke didn't want Boone to tell anyone. Jack looks concerned at these revelations, but returns to the medical task and sends Charley to find out if anyone has type A negative blood, which Boone was able to tell Sun is his blood type. Sadly, no go. This gives Jack an opportunity to pour not just his sweat but also his blood into saving Boone, as Jack has O negative blood (so do I). There's still a chance for a bad reaction, but it's the best they've got. Sun has also saved the day by plucking a sea urchin from the water in order to provide a fair approximation of a blood vessel-piercing needle.

After Jack starts looking rather corpse-like himself, Sun finally yanks the urchin spine from his arm and tells him he's given enough. Trouble is, the leg injuries are causing the blood to pool and not circulate. The leg's gotta go. Jack and Michael test out the log splitting device they had apparently built from part of the plane hull, and decide that it will do nicely for a leg guillotine. Jin isn't convinced that it's going to do any good, and thinks that perhaps it's time for Jack to face facts, let go and let Boone depart with some dignity. No dice. Just as Jack's about to pull down the slicer, Boone wakes up and tells Jack to let him go. Jack struggles, clenches his jaw, moves the slicer up and down a little, the exhales and of course realizes that Boone's right. He moves Boone back to his comfy blanket, Boone thanks him for trying and asks him to tell Shannon...

And Boone's gone.

Throughout this whole ordeal, Claire has gone into labor by herself in the jungle. Kate finds her while on the way back to the hospital camp with all of Sawyer's alcohol to help with the Boone sterile field project. I have to give Sawyer credit - he gave up the booze without even a complaint as soon as Kate said they needed it for Boone. Some of the bottles broke when Kate fell on her pack. Anyway, Claire can't walk to the hospital camp. Kate starts screaming bloody hell, which Jin hears from the beach and he goes running to find the source. Kate sends Jin to deliver the alcohol and to retrieve Jack. It wasn't too hard for him to figure out what Kate was asking for, given the obvious nature of the medical emergency. Jack sends Jin and Charlie back with instructions on how Kate should deliver the baby.

Claire, meanwhile, is trying to use the power of denial to stop labor. She's afraid the baby will sense that she wanted to give him up, and he'll hold it against her. Kate finally convinces her that Claire definitely wants the baby now, and the baby will feel that even more. Commence delivery. The net population of the island remains steady, as the baby comes into the world just fine at around the same time that Boone took off.

Poignant contrast scene at the end of the episode, as the maternity ward returns to the beach and everyone gathers to ooh and ah at the tiny little new life. At exactly the same time, Shannon and Sayid return from their beach date on another part of the island, and Jack walks away from the crowd to meet them and deliver the bad news. We don't hear what he says, but just see them talking while the soundtrack plays, and we see Shannon's reaction as it sinks in. We then see Shannon staring down at Boone's body, and she slowly crumples up in unrestrained grief. She used and manipulated him most of their lives, but she loved him and now she'll never have a chance to make it up to him.

Last shot is Jack on the beach, and Kate asking if he wants to talk about Boone's death. Jack's response: "Boone didn't die. He was murdered." He then starts walking away. "Where are you going?"

"To find John Locke." Drum beat close. "Lost" displays.

I love how this show opens and closes. No big deal theme song, no action shots of the stars. Just "Lost."

Next week (tonight - I know, I'm behind again): Repeat of how Special Walt is.

There are five new hours left for the season, plus a special catch-up episode. The special, "Lost: The Journey," airs April 27, followed by four consecutive weeks of new shows, including the two hour season finale on May 25.

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