Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Marathon Wrap 

Copley Square was litter free this morning, but the huge tents and trailers were still in place. I waited for my bus just a few yards from the Boston Marathon Command Headquarters and the Boston EMS trucks.

Final results on those I was tracking:

Classmate: It appears that he made it to the halfway mark in 2:57:47, but didn't make it to the next checkpoint at 25k. He was on track to a 5:55:26 finish. Well, he made it about 12 miles further than I likely could have, and all for the good cause of Dana-Farber's Jimmy Fund.

Professor: Her official time was 3:25:38, minus her offset time gives her a net time of 3:23:06. Phew! She averaged a 7:45 minute/mile pace, and finished 196th in her division, 2803 overall. Congratulations!

JAG's David James Elliott: Official time 4:11:58, net time 4:08:10. Pace of 9:28, and finished 2966 in his division, 10,173 overall.

I spent yesterday afternoon and evening assembling the Stamina Bandflex machine that arrived last week, and it was quite a project. Although I didn't run the marathon, I'm indeed rather achy today from the four hour construction project and ensuing testing.

Posted by Beth Henderson at 8:38 AM