Monday, April 18, 2005

Multimedia Bliss 

The Girl and I became wireless over the weekend. We've got the wireless access point hooked into the router, with adapters on both Tivos. We're now sitting in the living room watching the marathon while I check the online athlete tracking for my classmate and my professor. The women's race is nearing an end, so we've stopped the back and forth viewing of Grey's Anatomy, which we transferred from the upstairs Tivo to the downstairs one. This is so fucking cool.

By the way, my environmental law professor has passed the halfway mark and is on a projected time of 3:13, which is exactly what her projecteed was at 15 and 20k. Runnin' steady. She had a start offset of 2:34 minutes.

My classmate has completed 10k and is on track for a 5:24 finish. At 5k he was on track for 5:09. Hopefully he's just settling into his pace.
UPDATE (2:02 pm): Professor has finished 25k and is projected at 3:14:19. picking up speed.

I see Harmon Rabb, aka David James Elliott, has finished 15k and is on track for a 3:54:03 finish. I just found out that JAG is finishing this season. I love that show. I knew that he was leaving the show, but I thought they were trying to generate new characters and storylines. What will Catherine Bell be doing next?

Posted by Beth Henderson at 1:51 PM