Wednesday, April 06, 2005

My Ground Is My Castle 

At least in Florida, especially if I'm carrying a handgun.

Florida Governor Jeb Bush has signed into law a bill that allows persons to use deadly force in self-defense without any obligation to attempt retreat first. This is often the situation when it comes to defending your home against intruders, based on the "home is my castle" premise, and the theory that people should not be forced out of their own home by illegal intruders.

On the street, the general rule is that persons in reasonable fear of imminent grave bodily harm or death may use deadly force in self-defense IF they are unable to withdraw to safety. That's no longer the case in the Sunshine State.

Why should I have to run away when threatened? Just pull out your handy 9mm and blow the perceived threat away. After all, they started it, right? Or maybe, just maybe, it could be a little better for the supposed goals of a civil society to encourage people to step away if they can, just in case the perceived danger isn't what it may have appeared.

Posted by Beth Henderson at 3:39 PM