Monday, May 16, 2005

Boston Legal Status - Back In the Fall 

Maybe everyone else already knew this, but I just came across this Zap2It story from April, which explains that Boston Legal will indeed be returning, but not until fall. The five season one episodes that were scheduled to be aired after Grey's Anatomy had its tryout will start out season two.

Grey's Anatomy did so well that it got to stay around and play out its season, double-teaming with Desperate Housewives for a Sunday night hit fest. Of course the 10:00 pm timeslot that Boston Legal and Grey's Anatomy danced around together is also the same time that The L Word and Queer as Folk occupy during their respective seasons. It's really good we have two Tivos. And by the way, I heart Sandra Oh. Ever since I first saw her as the obsequious vice-principal in The Princess Diaries. My love for her was cemented during her turn as Diane Lane's best friend in Under the Tuscan Sun. I even loved her in Sideways, although the film as a whole was not to my liking. I'm happy to see that according to IMDB she has two films currently filming and two in post-production, plus one that screened at Sundance and has been picked up by Lion's Gate Films. Go Sandra, Go Sandra!

The article didn't say what the scheduling will be for the two new fabulous shows. Will they share the 10:00 time slot, with their seasons running consecutively? Will one of them be moved to a different time? What will it be opposite? At least we know what it won't be opposite: Enterprise (went out with a, well, not so much of a bang or even a fizzle, but a completely empty feeling), JAG, Wonderfalls (yes, I'm still bitter), Firefly (yep, bitter), Tru Calling (bitter taste), or Queer as Folk (after this season - very sad).

But who knows what new viewing treats will be headed our way next season? We'll be getting glimpses this week, as the networks start unveiling their schedules. Can you hardly wait?

Posted by Beth Henderson at 9:29 AM