Tuesday, May 17, 2005

The Charmed Generation 

Last evening I was catching up on some Tivo'd shows, including the past two weeks of Charmed. During the previouslies, they included a clip of Sandra the Elder convincing Paige that she's got the knack for whitelighting. It suddenly dawned on me why she has looked so familiar all this time. It's Lt. Commander Shelby, aka Elizabeth Dennehy. She looks much taller in those robes, and not standing next to Commander Riker.

The Elders are kind of stacked with Next Generation alums, what with Q, aka John de Lancie also being among them, as Odin the Elder. I hear that Charmed has been renewed for another season. Perhaps Vash, aka Jennifer Hetrick could be added to the Elder roster. I see she did a guest appearance on Eyes this season, so she's still doing TV work. She could bring some attitude to the Elders.

Posted by Beth Henderson at 11:06 AM