Friday, May 27, 2005

Friday Book Update: Week Two 

I've set myself a little goal (like I haven't stuck myself with enough of those) for the summer. I'm going to try to give a weekly update on the various fluff and other (not to be confused with Fluffernutter) books I've been indulging in during these nonschool months.

I've been riding with The Girl to her office in the morning, and reading in the car while she listens to her Dell DJ, then taking the bus and walking (too rainy to ride the bike) to my office, so I've been getting a lot done. The Girl was quite impressed with my ability to be reading away, but then periodically burst forth with little bits of professional back up singing with her music.

*Read read read*
"Good inside!"
*Read read read*
"Wanna be!"
*Read read read*
"You make me feel!"

(Click here for the song, to see if you're right.)

Yesterday morning it was "R-O-C-K in the USA!" while finishing up Becoming Justice Blackmun. So without further ado, here is how I spent the reading portion of my second week after finals (I'm still working on the last one listed below):

One note regarding the Star Trek: New Frontier books. As I was reading Book Five (Martyr), I was getting a little irritated, because it seemed like many of the storylines that had been left open at the end of the previous book were wrapped up behind the scenes. Book Five talked about how they had been resolved, but I hadn't been able to read about them "as they happened." Then when I had about five to ten pages left, I went into the home office to get Becoming Justice Blackmun off the shelf to put in my bag, and I noticed that Book Four (End Game) was still sitting on the shelf. Oops. I had gone directly to Book Five from Book Three. So once I wrapped up Book Five I went back and filled in the void. Surprise - all my questions were answered!

I've ordered the remaining books in the New Frontier series, plus the rest of the books in the Shatner penned Trek series. Plus a number of nonfiction for in between.

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