Friday, May 13, 2005


The Property exam was actually scheduled for only three hours, not four as I had thought. It didn't take the whole three hours, though, and I was out the door at 7:30. Phew!

The experience was a little less painful as my friend (and bridesmaid) CL brought in some fabulous cookies to have before the exam. Nothing like a yummy turtle cookie to get the blood flowing to your brain!

Overall, I'm comfortable that I did fine. The only thing that gave me a little trouble were the handful of recording questions. A conveys to B, who doesn't record. A conveys to C, who had notice of A-> B and immediately recorded. C conveys to D, who pays value and had no notice of A->B, and who records. In a race-notice jurisdiction, who owns? In a notice jurisdiction, who owns? Etc. These all make sense when I see examples and work through the explanations, but something shortcircuited on me last night. Oh well, they were worth maybe 4 points out of 80 (the first semester exam counts for the remaining 20% of the final grade).

Bottom line: 2L is over! The Girl and I are headed for Pennsylvania this weekend to get my sister's tailor started on my wedding outfit, and my bag is laden with sci-fi fluff. Ahh, nice!

Posted by Beth Henderson at 9:00 AM