Thursday, May 19, 2005

Lost - Exodus (1) 

Crazy Daniellen returns, this time by strolling on in to the beach encampment, armed to the teeth. We're treated to multifocal flashbacks this episode, where we see bits of immediate preflight past of Walt (he liked to watch Power Rangers at 5:30 in the morning), Michael (he liked to be sleeping at 5:30 in the morning), Sun (she overheard a snotty American woman making fun of Sun's servient attitude toward Jin), Jin (he wound up with a lapful of hot coffee after Sun overheard the previously mentioned comments), Sawyer (real name: James Ford. He was deported for head butting the Australian Minister of Agriculture, Wildlife and other Critters in a bar fight), Jack (he was no longer married by the time of his trip to Australia, and Michelle Rodriguez was flirting with him in the airport lounge. Poor guy.), Kate (the air marshall was vewy, vewy mean to her. And she has a vewy, vewy bad termper), Sayid (he asked Shannon to watch his bag for a moment), Boone (pissed at Shannon, as usual) and Shannon (she left the bag and told a security guard that "some Arab guy just left his bag and walked away" to prove a point to Boone).

Crazy Daniellen waxes psychotic (new featured extra survivor Arnzt - he's the one that told them about the coming monsoon season in last week's episode) dubs her Madam Nutso) about how The Others are coming, and how they had come 16 years ago to steal away her little baby, Alix (a girl). The only warning was a black pillar of smoke (no new pope on the island, apparently), approximately 5 km away. She gives them their choices: Run, hide, or die.

For some bizarre reason Jack thinks that it would be really great if all 40 or so of them could get inside the sealed metal mystery tank and hide there. Nothing like consolidating the prey for The Others, eh Jack? Daniellen offers up that she's got some dynamite still tucked away at the black rock (in the Dark Territory) from shortly after her arrival, so a retrieval party heads out. Arnzt goes along because he's a science teacher and can tell them how to handle really old dynamite without going boom too soon.

Meanwhile, everyone gets the voyagers out to sea on their beautiful pea green raft. Lots of heartfelt moments. Walt gives Shannon Vincent to talk to about Boone, since Vincent was such a good listener when Walt's mom died. That really got to Shannon, who showed a little humanity hiding in her Borg heart, and she said that she would take care of Vincent until Walt comes back to rescue them. After launching, Vincent makes a valiant effort to swim out to the raft, probably because the idea of floating into monsoon season on a tiny bamboo raft seemed more pleasant than spending an afternoon with Shannon followed by a visit from The Others, but Walt convinces him to turn around and go back to shore.

Jin and Sun reconcile, but Jin still goes, because he must do what he can to rescue Sun. He feels he is being punished for being such a controlling ass to Sun back in Korea. That's all well and good, but then why would Sun be there too?

Sawyer gets no love or hugs, although Kate did try to find him before trekking off to fetch the dynamite. Jack runs into him, though, and wishes him good luck, after which Sawyer seems to have a struggle with his angels and finally gives in. He tells Jack about the barroom conversation he had with Jack's Dad, and how Daddy was sorry and was proud of Jack for being a better doctor and better man than he ever was himself. Jack cries, tries to hide it, and heads out to the black rock along with Crazy Daniellen, Kate, Charlie, Hurley, Locke and Arnzt.

To pass the time, Crazy Daniellen tells some nostalgic tales of her time on the island, one of which concerned someone named Montagne having his arm ripped out of his socket. Arnzt took this as his cue to head back to the beach. He does leave them with the advice to "be careful" with the dynamite. Good man. Somewhere midjungle the big noises and thumps start up, and Cowardly Lion Arnzt comes screeching back to the group. They all go running except for Locke and Hurley. Hurley really, really wants to run, but Locke maintains his grip and tells him to wait. Of course Locke's right, and the Big Scary Noisy Whatever Thing fades away as it heads in another direction.

Once they're all back together, Crazy Daniellen tells them that the Big Scary Noisy Whatever Thing is a security system. They ask what it's protecting, and she replies, "The Island." They then come to a stop, and Crazy Daniellen declares that this is the black rock. We see the group stare and slowly raise their collective gaze, so I got the idea that this is a really big black rock. Then the point of view changes, and we see that it's not a black rock, it's The Black Rock, a huge and very old wooden sailing vessel that has come aground in the middle of the island. Now I get it - The Others are descendants of pirates!!!!

As the raft sails away and the dynamite party stares at the Black Rock, they all notice the plume of black smoke about 5km away...

NEXT WEEK: The two hour season finale. Trouble with weather on the raft, trouble with Claire's baby going missing, trouble with Crazy Daniellen going missing, and lots of running and shouting and screaming.

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