Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Make Way For Goslings 

Took the Waltham express to The Girl's office and road the bike to my office again today. While crossing one of the picturesque wooden bridges they've constructed over the river as part of the walk/bikeway, I noticed my first gosling of the season. It was still all little and cute and yellow and fuzzy, and I just wanted to sit and watch him for a couple of hours. But instead I said "Hello," and continued on my way to work. Sigh. I'd rather be out in nature.

Later today I'll be making my first foray into the world of taking the folding bike on the T. I always get worked up and nervous when trying something new. It's just a thing I do. Will they tell it's a bike and can't go on during peak hours, even though when folded it's more like bike parts, and strollers are much bigger and they're allowed on anytime, not to mention all the travelers taking the Blue Line to the airport? Will the person in the booth notice me and open the gate to let me out past the turnstiles? What will I do, what will become of me?

I think my plan for today, to ease into this new world, will be to ride up to Newton Center, where I can get on the Green Line with no turnstiles or anything. Then I can switch to the Orange Line at North Station, where it's just a matter of walking across the platform. Of course I'll have to change trains at Government Center, since that's as far as the train from Newton Center goes. But it shouldn't be too crowded from Gov't Center to North Station, since those are the last two stops for now (until they finish the Big Dig related construction and get the new underground stations ready. Orange Line to Oak Grove, and I'll only have to deal with one gate. Then unfold the bike for a five mile ride and I'm home.

Piece of cake. Mmm, cake...

Posted by Beth Henderson at 8:59 AM