Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Serenity Comics Announced 

In news related to the previous post, Whedon also announced that a three issue set of Serenity comics will be released starting July 6, from Dark Horse Comics. He describes them as a transition between the tv series and the movie, and will also serve as a prequel for movie goers who didn't watch the series. You can preorder the comics from Dark Horse, and to entice multiple copy purchases, each issue comes in your choice of three different covers. The first issue options are Mal, Inara (the art doesn't do her justice) and Jayne. The 32 page first issue can be yours for the low, low price of $2.99 plus shipping and handling (or you can preorder now for $2.69).

Serenity #2 is scheduled for August 3, with cover art of either Book, Kaylee or Zoey. Info isn't yet posted on Serenity #3, but I would expect that it will be released in early September.

I've taken my step down the geek path, and preordered the first two issues, in each cover. I also requested the bag and board service to best preserve them. I think after I read them I'll frame them for display. Can't wait to hear The Girl's reaction to this! There may need to be some negotiation regarding in which room they can be displayed...

Posted by Beth Henderson at 11:22 AM