Thursday, May 19, 2005

Whence Go Joan Alums 

Let me just begin by admitting that this title features the incorrect usage of a word. I don't care. It felt right at the time.

We know that Constance Zimmer will be surfing over to In Justice on ABC in the fall, but I've just gotten some info on other Joan of Arcadia alums.

Sprague Grayden, who was even more fabulous once Judith became ghostly (who can forget the high dive starburst?), will be over on FX's new series Over There. This show sounds like a standard fare patriotic Army show, about a sergeant in Iraq, his platoon, and their families back home. But it does carry a double Joan whammy, since Season One poster boy of ambiguous morality, Erik Palladino, is also in the cast.

Annoying Iris, Misti Traya, will be back for the second season of Living With Fran, on The WB.

Posted by Beth Henderson at 2:11 PM