Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Dance Quest 

The Girl and I have been continuing our quest for polished dance skills for the upcoming wedding reception. Saturday night we attended a Swingtime dance, which involves a one hour group lesson followed by a two hour dance. This is a monthly GLBT event (October through June), held at the Brookline Academy of Dance, hosted by Liz Nania of Out To Dance. This month's event was the Pride Event (Boston Pride is this coming weekend), and apparently it was the largest turnout they've had, with the most newcomers (The Girl and I included in that category). A couple of friends came with us, and soxfan and soxfan's wife were already there, as they have been taking part in the dance scene for a number of years, and were the ones who convinced us to go. Now we have some basic swing dances under our feet, along with a number of ways to twirl.

We were scheduled to attend a Wedding Prep Workshop on Sunday, but that was cancelled because they didn't have enough people register. Instead we're having a private lesson with Liz Nania later this month. In the meantime, soxfan and soxfan's wife (I'm going to call them SF and SFW from now on) have graciously offered to provide us with some dance tutoring. Last night was our first tutoring session, at our house. They decided that a basic merengue step would be best for our First Dance at the event, and we also learned box step for some of my jazzy selections (my favorite was Alanis Morrisette's remake of Let's Fall in Love, from the De-Lovely soundtrack). I must say, we looked marvelous! We were playing tunes from the MP3 players, and at one point Lindsay Lohan's Ultimate, from the Freaky Friday soundtrack, came on. We already knew how to dance to that one, so we took a break and the four of us were rocking out in the living room for a few minutes. SFW (a college classmate of mine) remarked that she felt like it was a Thursday night in the dorm!

Next week we're off to their place to learn foxtrot. Their apartment is better suited to dances in which you move about the floor (through the kitchen, living room, dining room, etc.). We have too much large furniture blocking the paths. They were unable to give us guidance on my favorite song from Kill Bill Vol. 2, Malaguena Salerosa, however, so we'll have to save that one for the private lesson. Any suggestions?

Posted by Beth Henderson at 10:18 AM