Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Freaking Grades 

Okay, we at NESL have been waiting for grades since exams ended on May 14. Yes, six and one-half weeks ago. Finally last week the Registrar announced that the grades would be mailed out Monday, June 27. Awesome! Every semester I've received the grades the day after the announced mailing. So I had a target. All I had to do was get through Tuesday and I could go home and get my grades - the wait was over!


No grades arrived. Now I'm in stress overtime, which is an order of magnitude greater than stress with a known end date.

They did kindly state that anyone who hasn't received their grades by today and GO to the Registrar's office to get a copy. No phone, fax or e-mail. They don't post grades online in any form. They'll have the GPA groupings posted online sometime next week. Why do they do this to us? Why does it take nearly 7 weeks to put together the grades? Why does it take an additional week to calculate and post GPA groupings? Do they not have computers in the Registrar's office? AAAAAGGGGHHHH!!!

Posted by Beth Henderson at 8:48 AM