Friday, June 24, 2005

Friday Random Ten - Wedding Countdown Edition 

I've become one with my MP3 player in the last couple of weeks, as The Girl and I are assembling our playlists for the wedding. This weekend will be the final merging and tweaking of the lists. If we can survive this, we can handle anything.

Load, shuffle, play. List 10 or so. Here, yours, feministe.

Moonlight Dance - James Bobchak - Gypsy Fire

Another Minute More - Patti Witten - Rockrgrl Discoveries 2004

Like The Way I Do (live) - Melissa Etheridge

Testimony - Ferron - Testimony (memories of college vinyl and candlelight vigils)

Fill It Up Again - Indigo Girls - All That We Let In

Mama I'm Strange - Melissa Etheridge - Breakdown (great use of this in If These Walls Could Talk 2)

Full of Grace - Sarah McLachlan - Surfacing

How Lovely to Be a Woman - Chynna Phillips - Bye Bye Birdie 1995 tv soundtrack (didn't think I could get through a week without some showtunes, did you?)

It's A Boy - The Who - Tommy

Simple Life - Mary Chapin Carpenter - time*sex*love

Posted by Beth Henderson at 7:51 AM