Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Guess I'm Still Seattle 

One more quiz - The New World Order Placement Test. The description:
Eventually this failed experiment known as Democracy will come to its shuddering end, and the enlightened New World Order will replace it, reshaping the world into the glorious, organized, industrious macrocosm of human machinery it has always been destined to become. And of course, when this happens it will be important to know where you fit into the new heirarchy. Take this test to see what your new role will be after the revolution has been televised.
My results appear to be in line with my results on the What City Are You Test.

Too Risky To Live
You scored 68 physical value, 67 mental value, 51 social value, and 65 risk factor!
It is with some sadness that I must tell you that the New World Order deems you too great a risk to be allowed to live. Oh, it is not that you seem particularly disloyal, but given the fact that you are strong, smart, AND socially brilliant, the fact that we aren't SURE of your loyalty makes you too great a risk to be allowed to live. You see, if you were to escape into the Lawless Lands, you would most certainly become a leader of the malcontent people, and could one day even bring about the downfall of our society. You must be able to see how we could never allow that to... hey, where are you going? Stop! Someone stop her! Guards! Seize that malcontent! Don't let her get away! Nooooo!

I scored higher than 99% for age and gender in physical, mental and social value, and (to my doom), risk factor. So bring it on, Big Brother.

Posted by Beth Henderson at 1:25 PM