Friday, June 10, 2005

Internet Freakishness and General Updates 

My workplace internet access has been intermittent at best this week.  We're getting ready to move the office, and right now our servers are about 15 miles away from our keyboards and us.  So rather than continuing the silence, I'm trying the e-mail posting option again.  Of course I can't check to see if it goes through, but at least I'm trying.  Our mail router is on a different path, so at least that's been staying up.  

I know I haven't done the Friday Random Ten in a while.  Combination of leaving my player at home and just losing interest.  Riding the wave of whim, you know.  But here's a list for today, without handy links, since I CAN'T GET ON THE WEB!!!!!!  

1. Main Title - Cast of Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Once More, With Feeling soundtrack

2. Just Let Me Cry - Ashlee Simpson - Freaky Friday soundtrack (I don't want to hear any shit about having Ashlee Simpson on my Nomad.  It's a good soundtrack album, and The Girl and I will be jamming out to Ultimate during the dancing portion of the wedding).

3. The Point of No Return/Chandelier Crash - Phantom and Christine - Phantom of the Opera film soundtrack

4. It Is You (I Have Loved) - Dana Glover - Shrek soundtrack (I kind of wanted this to be our first dance song at the nuptuals, but it lost out to another song we thought would work better.  I'll still be including it in the dance playlist though, and pulling The Girl out for a waltz.)

5. It's Alright - Bandits - Bandits soundtrack (the German one, not the Billy Bob/Bruce/Cate one)

6. The Trouble With Love Is - Joss Stone -  Love Actually soundtrack

7. The Devil You Know - Face to Face - unknown album (incompletely labeled MP3, and I CAN'T LOOK IT UP!)

8. In The Wee Small Hours of the Morning - Carly Simon - Sleepless in Seattle soundtrack

9. Lucky - Melissa Etheridge - Lucky

10. My Baby Just Cares For Me - Cyndy Lauper - At Last

On the book front, I'm still plugging away at Madam Secretary.  It's really a great read, I've just been distracted with various pre-wedding activities and West Wing.  I never watched the show before this summer, but now I've got Tivo recording all the reruns they show all the time on cable.  Anyway, I'm up to page 478.  
On the wedding front, we're receiving reply cards every day, including one mystery card on which the replier neglected to fill out, with name and a check mark under either "Accepts with pleasure" or "Declines with regret."  We figure by next week we'll be able to figure out who it is.  We filled out the forms for the marriage license yesterday, raised our right hands and swore that we were being truthful, and submitted the forms with our $25 fee.  Tuesday we'll have a marriage license in hand!!!  My sister received her one day authorization to solemnize the marriage, but unfortunately the date of the ceremony was listed as being July 2, 2004.  I called the Secretary of State's Office of Public Records, and they'll be sending out a new one.  Then we need to bring that to the Town Clerk as well.  We returned to the rental place and added a few things to our long list of rentals, plus we changed the colors on the tablecloths and napkins.  

In other words, we're cranking right along.

Posted by Beth Henderson at 10:02 AM