Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Land of the Lost Sizes 

The Guyfriend and I used our lunch break today to run over to Trader Joe's and pick up the sparkling raspberry-apple cider for the wedding. I planned on getting 20 bottles, but they only had 16 in the store. The clerk informed me that "it's not a big seller," when he let me know that all they had was what was on the shelf. He could have left it at, "No, we don't have any more," rather than letting me know that I was making an unpopular selection. I guess they just keep it on hand in case they run out of what people actually like. Either that or he's just a socially inept asshole. Yeah, I'm going with Door Number Two. I'll hit the TJ's in Arlington or Burlington on my way home tonight.

Anyway, after placing the 16 on hand bottles in some boxes and loading them into the Jeep, we headed over to Ashland to drop them off at the wedding site (a relative's house with a 2 acre lot to accomodate the large tent). By the time we got back to Framingham, I thought the little cafe in our building would be closed, so I did the Burger King drive-thru. Now, I rarely go to fast food anymore, especially after watching Super Size Me, but in this case I didn't have much other choice, as it was time to get back to the office and I don't have the numbers of the local sushi places programmed into my cell phone yet since the office move.

Me: I'll have a chicken sandwich and small onion rings.
BK: Do you want the Chicken Sandwich Value Meal or just the chicken sandwich?
Me: Just the chicken sandwich.
BK: And on the onion rings - we don't have Small. Is Medium okay?
Me: *Rolls eyes at The Guyfriend* Yeah, Medium is fine.

If the smallest size they have is Medium, that would be Small. Medium indicates that it's in between two other sizes. You can't have Medium without something smaller. Sigh.

I get back to the office and look at the receipt.

The onion rings are marked as "Regular."

Posted by Beth Henderson at 2:27 PM