Sunday, June 26, 2005

Law Geek Tea 

My school buds took me out for afternoon tea yesterday at the Stonehedge Inn, up in Tewksbury, for a wedding shower. It was quite lovely, and quite filling. The Girl and I had been there once before with The Girl's sister, and I warned everyone that the "Traditional Country Tea" option was fabulous but was a huge amount of food. We all went for it anyway. There was more than one box of take home packed up at the end. I opted for the tea, Earl Grey, hot, and it was the best I've ever had! I had several cups, so was able to stay up quite late watching movies with The Girl when I got home.

The Guyfriend took me out for another bridal event the evening of Pride, with dinner at PF Changs followed by Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

My friends know me so well - dinner, tea and treats, Angelina Jolie action films and an afternoon of gossip! Thanks to everyone - you're all the best!

Posted by Beth Henderson at 4:58 PM