Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Martha Stewart Can Kiss My Lesbian Ass 

The Girl has finished addressing all the invitations by hand, in lovely calligraphy, including redoing the ones that fell victim to various printer mishaps.

We have finished printing envelopes, invitations, reply cards, reply envelopes and directions to the wedding.

We have finished cutting the directions from two per page to individual directions suitable for enclosing in invitation envelopes.

We have applied Love Bouquet stamps to all invitation and reply envelopes.

We have not yet erased the pencil lines from the invitation envelopes, or assembled and stuffed each invitation set (invitation, reply card, reply envelope and directions) into the addressed envelopes.

We must draw the line somewhere, and right now that line is leading to a pillow. And why are we putting ourselves through this? The answer, as always:

Posted by Beth Henderson at 12:35 AM