Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Michelle Rodriguez, Castaway 

For anyone who's interest was piqued by the teasing cameo by Michelle Rodriguez at the end of Lost's first season, here's a little something to pique you a bit more: she's joining the cast as a regular next season. According to Sci-Fi Wire, she's another survivor of the plane crash. Given that she (as Ana-Lucia Cortez) and Jack interacted in the airport lounge in Sydney, yet we haven't seen hide nor bulging biceps of her on the island, I'm guessing there's at least one other rag tag collection of survivors loitering on the land mass. This new group would be from the vanishing tail section.

In other Lost trivia, I see that Madison has her own IMDB page. Who's Madison? The plucky female golden lab who plays the ever loyal and supportive male golden lab, Vincent.

For anyone who just can't get enough Lost and/or who has crossed the line from enthusiastic to obsessive, you'll be glad to know that Lost magazine is launching this coming October. You can pre-order your subscription to the bimonthly (6 issues/year) mag that includes "fireside confessions of the cast, news and reports direct from the island," for the low, low price of $40.45/year. Where did they come up with that number?

I also see from the official Lost site that while new cast members for season 2 have yet to be added to the cast page, poor Ian Somerhalder's bio has already been removed. No Boone, no bio. That sucks, especially since he was still appearing in the postmortem episodes via the flashback cam.

And whoa! What the f happened to TV Tome? I surfed over to check out their cast listings, and it appears that they were perhaps bought out by a larger corporate entity, because it's all slick and shit now. They're now found at TV.com (you'll be automatically redirected if you try to go to tvtome.com). Anyway, they still list Ian, and they've also added Michelle (no official island photo yet, though). You can find links to several articles discussing her addition to the cast on their news page.

Back to Lost - the show is colliding a bit with Boston Legal. Zap2It (through tv.com's portal) reports that Julie Bowen, who played Jack's flashback bride/island time ex-wife, will be joining the cast of Boston Legal for season two. Rhona Mitra will be gone, since she's jumped over to Nip/Tuck (did you know she was the original character model for the Lara Croft video game?), and Monica Potter won't be in the picture either. Big changes. But Candace Bergen will be hanging in. The official site doesn't yet reflect any casting changes. Lake Bell, who departed earlier in the season, will be surfacing in NBC's new action-adventure/sci-fi series Fathom.

Posted by Beth Henderson at 9:49 AM