Friday, June 03, 2005

Summer Reading, Week Three 

Not as many books to display this week. I finished up Dark Victory on Saturday (listed last week), then the next Shatner book, then on to something a little more substantive. The Trek books are mostly under 200 pages, and are pocket book size. Madam Secretary has a larger per page footprint, plus it's around 700 pages. Add to this that I've driven to work a couple of times this week (thus no transit reading time), and it's taking me longer to wrap it up. I'm on page 177 at this point. Hopefully I'll have some time over the weekend, but who knows? We're going to a dance lesson/dance with friends on Saturday, then a Wedding Prep Workshop (dancing, again) on Sunday, plus we need to return to the rental place to add more tablecloths, some pitchers and double check our color choice on the napkins, and finish off our registry stuff (this will entail a trip to the mall, which doesn't please me...).

Posted by Beth Henderson at 9:32 AM